About the Practitioner

Agnes Lenzen is an integrative holistic bodyworker, grateful for nearly 1,000 hours of education in massage (Swedish, sports, ayurvedic, deep tissue, prenatal), ayurveda, aromatherapy, meditation, Reiki and her current 3rd year somatic studies with UC Berkeley Professor Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.  She is CAMTC-certified, licensed and insured.

Agnes has consistently maintained a strong connection to her body through regular trail running and walks in Nature, a daily yoga and meditation practice, clean nutrition and lifestyle, biking, swimming and most recently Crossfit (loving hand stand pushups!).  Her athleticism was apparent while relishing high school volleyball, basketball and track; teaching herself to walk on her hands in college; and since completing a SF marathon, several half-marathons and several sprint triathlons.

Agnes has experienced physical challenges.  In the mid-90's, Agnes was rearended by a drunk driver and a couple years later, another drunk driver ran a stoplight, both resulting in months of regular physical therapy and she refused pharmaceuticals for the immediate neck and back pain.  In the summer of 2000, Agnes' road bike tire punctured downhill, crashing while training for a sprint triathlon, resulting in a L pneumothorax, broken L clavicle, and several broken ribs for a 5 day hospitalization and chest tube insertion.  Agnes became accutely aware of the strains and limitations hospitals are under, and vowed to fully heal herself and her body, which is currently the strongest it has ever been.

Agnes' current somatic studies have deepened her desire to facilitate other's access to their body's own innate intelligence and healing.  Her bodywork sessions are deeply grounding and relaxing, and she has logged nearly 2,000 bodywork hours since she received her initial training in 2007.  She can provide very deep tissue work, and also accommodate a recent injury or trauma (i.e., motor vehicle accident) with a very gentle, effective and centering touch.

In addition to addressing one's physical issues, Agnes also recommends and customizes manageable daily tips about mindfulness, nutrition, hydration, exercise and stretching to accompany and enhance own's daily lifestyle.  

Agnes is grateful for the opportunity to serve others and to embody fundamental health and wellness principles.