Agnes Lenzen is sensitive, compassionate, intuitive, kind-hearted, talented, strong and nurturing. You will be a better person because of her work. 

- Shinji Eshima


Agnes Lenzen is one of the best, and most thorough massage therapists I've ever had. I will be going back.

- James Dalessandro


“That was the best massage of my life.”  My verbatim quote after my first massage with Agnes Lenzen.  Now I’ll say it again after my second.  I’ve had many massages and there is something instantly soothing, and at the same time powerful, that Agnes transmits from the first touch that is dramatically more noticeable than my past massages.  I leave each session completely relaxed and at ease.  Agnes is also intelligent, compassionate and fun – so I feel lighter and better informed about my health having started to work with her.  I would recommend Agnes to anyone. 

- Lisa H.


FANTASTIC....The best massage I've ever had...Agnes Lenzen is also very personable and "grounded". Easy to talk with if you want. She seemed to know just what to do at appropiate times. I am going back and bringing my family..



Over the years I have experienced several really good Massage Therapists.  A few weeks ago, a friend told me about Agnes Lenzen. I made an appointment with her and had my initial, hour long massage.  At the end of that hour, I was in a state of bliss! 

Of the many massages I have received in my lifetime, I have NEVER walked away from the massage table in such an exalted state. I was overwhelmed!

With my second massage, two weeks later, I felt I evolved into an even deeper state of bliss. I have been having that wonderful experience now every 2 weeks for over 3 months.  I'm deeply grateful to her and her healing skills.

- Jim Ingram


Agnes Lenzen offers an intelligent, sensitive, empathic, and holistic approach to massage therapy. I see her on a regular basis, and I can feel a definite improvement-- even in some of the areas of pain I have carried around for a long time.  In addition to massage therapy, I have also incorporated many of her excellent suggestions regarding exercise and nutrition that have produced positive results.  I am impressed that she continues to study and expand her knowledge and understanding in her area of expertise.  We are lucky to be the beneficiaries of those efforts!  I recommend her very highly.
- Barbara T.


Agnes Lenzen has been very helpful to me in dealing with pain and restoration.  She is a superb and skillful therapist.  She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to health and healing.  I appreciate her constructive yet simple suggestions that are “spot on.”  I always feel energized after her massages.  She is the best; I recommend her highly!!

- JL


Agnes Lenzen is a wonderful bodyworker.  She puts us at ease mentally and physically and is a resource for ayurvedic and somatic knowledge.  We highly recommend her.

- Dulce and Ross MacLeod


Agnes Lenzen is a wonderful massage therapist, and so much more!  When I first saw Agnes it was because I had a terrible pain in my shoulder that morning.  Not only did she relieve the pain, but she offered me fantastic advice in nutrition, stretching, exercise, and relaxation techniques.  She was so great that I set up weekly sessions and immediately sent my husband to her on a regular basis for his stress and back pain.  He has benefitted greatly from her sessions, including her thoughtful follow-up emails with reminders about things like drinking plenty of water, eating kale, visiting water falls, and breathing deeply each day.  She truly goes above and beyond, and is priced more than fairly for her outstanding services.

- CD, mother in Tiburon


Agnes Lenzen's bodywork was great and she also gave us some personal tips for a better, healthier lifestyle. We loved the follow-up email!! Thank you Agnes!

- George and Susan Hall


Agnes Lenzen has been providing us with wonderful massages for several years. We have recommended her to many friends who are now recommending her to their friends.  She is strong, caring, and focused. We love her massages.

- Mike and Gail Hamrick


Agnes Lenzen is a very caring and thoughtful masseuse. She relaxes not only the body with her gentle touch, but also she instills confidence and mindfulness in each customer. I highly recommend her work, and I will return for another treatment with her.

- An empowered Groupon client


I'm really glad to have this opportunity to tell the world, or at least the California-San Francisco world that Agnes Lenzen is the only massage therapist out of at least 10 or 12 that I have gone to over the last seven years who has given me the deep tissue, really thorough and therapeutic massage that I was lucky enough to receive from only one massage therapist prior to that (for over 13 years in Hawaii as part of the ongoing therapy I needed for recovery from two bulged discs and one herniated disc in my spine). I highly recommend her to anyone who needs serious, therapeutic massage therapy; I know from years of searching that massage therapists who do as deep and thorough work as she does are really hard to find.

- Greg Thomason


I have had the profound pleasure of receiving massage therapy regularly from Agnes Lenzen for several years. Her expertise, skill, knowledge and ability are unsurpassed. She listens carefully to pinpoint any specific issues. She is also very knowledgeable in alternative therapies, diet, herbs etc., that can aid you if you are interested and looking to supplement therapy yourself. She has a spirit that is truly caring and nurturing. Agnes' massages leave you feeling whole and divine! Pure heaven. I'm so glad I found her!

- Juliet K.


Once a week, for over two years, Agnes Lenzen has played a key role in my progress of healing and recovery from decades of excruciating chronic pain.  Her sensitive and powerful hands seem to know intuitively what my body needs @ that particular time.  Agnes is well trained in therapeutic massage, constantly expanding her knowledge and skills to facilitate the best multi faceted care she can bring to her clients.  She is also well versed in many non-tradition remedies and self help techniques that help my recovery at home. Agnes exudes a wonderful and positive energy and spirit.  She truly cares about her clients physical and spiritual well being.  I credit Agnes for her tremendous contribution in my on going recovery.  I always feel better after an hour with Agnes.
- Susan Boos  


Agnes Lenzen's massage work is strong and focused. Her kind, caring, and supportive nature makes it a pleasure to be in her presence. You will get what you came for and leave satisfied and renewed. I highly recommend her!

- Meredith Heller


After two car accidents and developing fibromyalgia, I worked with several massage practitioners before booking my first appointment with Agnes Lenzen.  She has since been my regular massage therapist for the last 18 months.  Agnes has the sensitivity and ability to target and treat painful areas of the body.  I look forward to my therapeutic treatments with her, which bring me much needed relief from pain and stress.

- Sarah Pietro





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Agnes was very caring and knew a lot about the body


FANTASTIC....The best massage I've ever had...She is also very personable and "grounded". Easy to talk with if you want. She seemed to know just what to do at appropiate times. I am going back and bringing my family..


Excellent touch, and sensitive to my requests & needs. She really went out of her way to deal w/ my bodily issues and offer caring service. One caution; she's very into her own 'healing methods' beyond massage, and included advice re general health beliefs beyond my inquiries.. This could turn off some clients. I'm planning to return to her for her excellent body work, when funds are available.


One of the best, and most thorough masseuses I've ever had. I will be going back.


Great massage and stretch work! Professional and caring.


My system emptied all nite long. It was a great feeling. Thank u!


Thanks Agnes excellent massage and good advice


Agnes was great and gave us some personal tips for a better, healthier life style. We loved the follow-up email!! Thank you Agnes!


Wife said she was terrific!!


Agnes is a very caring and thoughtful masseuse. She relaxes not only the body with her gentle touch, but also she instills confidence and mindfulness in each customer. I highly recommend her work, and I will return for another treatment with her.


Thank you for a relaxing warm experience!


I'll definetly be back and recommend friends.


I would rccommend you to all the people I come into contact. You have alot of knowledge regarding the benefits of massage as well as gave me other ideas I could implement in my life for optimum health.


thank you!


She's insightful!


Can't wait to see you again.




You did an amazing job and I can't wait to come back for my second massage.


Wonderful massage! Thank you.....


Thank you for everything.


I'll be back!


I'll see you soon:)


Thank you for a wonderful massage.


Good job.


She was terrific. I'll be back.


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